Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tanya Coolinich - Beauty versus Art

I like the representation of woman as a sublime creation of nature. Though the Romanticism and Renaissance period are long gone, sometimes we need to approach the idea of Human as an ideal. The perfection beyond all our imperfections. It is a miracle to look back at our development, at our evolution, at all things the mankind succeeded at during the centuries.
And the most amazing thing is that we can operate this change starting with ourselves. We can be whatever we want to be -with a bit of determination and with the understanding that a long journey is composed by many little and precise steps.
There is no important goal to be achieved without significant effort. There is no musician playing guitar in the crazy way of Rodrigo & Gabriela, no ballerina performing main role in "Nutcraker" without thousands of hours spent studying, trying, failing, trying again, trying again. It is indeed just a matter of investment: your soul, your time, your dreams.
This post is dedicated to the miraculous energy that lies in us, the one that drives us to the top and makes us art. We are art.
So start fighting for your dreams, today is just the perfect day, don't procrastinate and -the most important- believe in your uniqueness.
You can be whatever you want to be, you have it in you.

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