Tuesday, June 2, 2015

DailyArt -Daily Dose of Art

I want to share with you one of the methods I use for developing my knowledge of paintings and painters.
DailyArt - Daily Dose of Art App from Google Play is such an amazing way for indulging myself into different bites of fine art that were very carefully chosen. The application publishes one fine art item per day-it includes a very good resolution painting, together with its name, year of creation and painter. It is one of the 12 best educational apps of 2012 according to The Next Web.
But what makes this application so great is the description of the painting, the short and yet meaningful details of what it stands behind its conception.  I absolutely appreciate that the descriptions are not copied from wikipedia, but written by Zuzanna Stanska and her team. Zuzanna is the founder of DailyArt; she is truly an art admirer and enthusiast. I started following her on Instagram as well and discovered her usual life rotating around museums, theaters, wines, nature, friends.
We are incredibly lucky to live in a miracle period and benefit of the technology's help in reaching not only inspiring people, but also accessing an enormous online library full of relevant information. Information and data that few decades ago implied scholars traveling to different countries, spending days reading books available only in those specific libraries, taking notes since there was no xerox, and, prior to these, learning foreign languages so they could understand the materials,

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